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Window Gates & Security Doors

Bars and window gates,are great security solution,you pay once and you are done,no need for repairs,change parts,or any maintenance.
That is proved to keep unwanted visitors from your house/apartment or office.

Window gates and security doors

How does it works

simply,we come and measure your, window or door,than we costume make you a gate that will fit perfectly,at the color
And design you choose,it is simply a great and simple security solution,our security doors and windows,are designed to give you the protection
You need,we make it with fine and thick metal,our security doors are equipped with mortise locks,and if you choose with high security locks.
Call us today.

Window gates and security doors

Window gates and security doorsWe custom make security metal sliding doors, most of the private houses have a porch leading to the backyard, that porch has a glass sliding door,
Most of burglaries come from that weak part, they brake the glass and they are in, even in case that there is an alarm and it is activated, normally police will arrive about an hour later in NYC, by that time, they are gone.

We design an iron sliding security gate which is being installed in front of the existed glass door, using our gate Equipped with high security lock, will be your best way of security!