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Access Control

Access ControlThe Access Control concept is very simple

Electronic Access Control (or Management) is high security and surprisingly affordable!

Tired of re-keying locks – or setting new passwords – every time an employee leaves? Wish you didn’t have to wander around manually locking doors throughout your building at closing time? Then it’s time to add dependable wireless Access Control.  This can be connected to your buzzer, intercom system & even a time clock for your tardy employees.

Eliminate the need for keys, and for changing keys when personnel is added or leaves. With the PIN code features all management has to do is just remove the former employee's code from the system and issue a new code for the new employee or prox card/fob.

Access Control is a great way to have a keyless, high security lock! There are different types of Access Controls and one example of a specific type would be a Stand-Alone Access Control (This means there are no special cards that need to be issued for access).

Access Control

Alarm Lock is 1 of the many Access Control locks we offer! This type of Access Control would be your best solution for stand alone access control (This means there are no special cards that need to be issued for access. It can accommodate up to 1000 users!)

Discover why more schools, retail stores, airports, & businesses rely on Access Control! It will truly save your budget!